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Welcome !


Enjoy my website and the information on the ThumbThimble™ with free instructions on thumbquilting.

Great news!

I got a call from International Quilt Festival: my last quilt 'ElaTED' was named one of the top 8 winners.
October 30 was the Winner's Circle Celebration and revealed the name of the award: 

The Founders Award !

This is a great honor and it makes me feel humble. Winning is wonderful, but it is never my goal to quilt for competition or yet even think of winning a prize. Working on a beautiful quilt is my passion.
I am elated!

If you are attending The International Quilt Festival in Houston, Nov. 1-4, plan to visit Esther Miller's booth #1312. She has some glossy cards of 'ElaTED' with her, as well as ThumbThimbes. She also demonstrates several hand quilting techniques.
I will try to be in her booth sometimes during the day for demo on thumbquilting and signing!

Please come and visit the gallery to see ElaTED.
HT Ted