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Quilting with the ThumbThimble™
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Quilting with the ThumbThimble™
Discover what a joy it is to quilt in all directions, without having to turn your hoop.

1 Starting position:
To lift the needle:
Press the needle with your index finger against the cup
of the ThumbThimble™ then put the needle in a slightly
backwards position (max 45°) in the quilt and remove
the index finger from the needle.

2 Downward arc: guide, without any pressure, the needle
further down till horizontal on the surface of the quilt. 


3 Tension: add extra tension by pressing your thumb
deeper into the quilt AND your index finger to press
the quilt down near the anticipated exit of the tip of
the needle.


4 Push the needle through the quilt: you mastered
ONE stitch!

 5 More stitches: press your needle slowly through the
quilt as in step 4, till you see the tip of the needle,
then lift the eye of the needle 45° with your
ThumbThimble™ and continue quilting.