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ElaTED (2012)
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ElaTED (2012)

89” x 89”  (227cm x 227cm)

Sorry, not the best picture here. It started to rain with a lot of wind. Blew my quilt 3 times from the frame, on the floor in my garden, URGGGH!!
So had to take the picture too close to the quilt. It is absolutely straight! Then I considered it to be good enough selection, and it did!

TIP: If you prefer to see better details and great pictures of this quilt, Angelo Miller made beautiful glossy cards.
If you are attending The International Quilt Festival in Houston, drop by Esther Miller's booth #1312 to purchase some cards. She has a limited number with her, I plan to be in her booth too!

'ElaTED' started 5 years ago, to challenge myself. I wanted to make a larger quilt than I ever made, and wanted to work with my least favorite colors and fabrics: browns and plaids. NO blacks in this quilt, like in the 2 previous quilts.

The basic design, inspired by delftware elements, looked great. So why not give it a try?
While working on the quilt the symmetrical design was OK, but needed some extra's. The next challenge appeared: why not hide 8 different designs in the symmetrical setting? Do you see them?
And what about browns and plaids?????? Guess.........

Detail of ElaTED